Technical Details

Operating temperature -10 – +30 °C
Operating Humidity 5 – 80 %
Operating voltage 220 – 240 VAC
Power consumption 100 W
Yield Method The discharge plate
Operating space Max. 120 m² (~300 m³)
Timer Digital
Timer setting 5 – 240 min, SynergyClean
Delay 0 – 15 min
Safety Overheat protection, beep sound
Outer diameters 150 x 145 x 170 mm
Power cord 3 m, Schuko
Material Powder coated steel
Weight 2 kg

220 – 240 V ~ 50/60Hz 100W 0.5 A IP20 RoHS SFS-EN 60335-1:2013 CE

SynergyClean (Patent pending) is an unique function in ozonators. Choosing the square meters and the height of the space, Rüppell automaticully calculates the optimum ozonation program required by the space. The device also shows the duration of the program after it is safe to go to the ozonated space.


V-Flow Max (patented) creates a strong airflow upward which pushes ozone effectively into the space. In this way, we will ensure that ozone can be reached every corner of the ozonated space.


High Yield refers to the amount of ozone produced by Rüppell. Even its small size, Rüppell produces enough ozone up to 120 square meters (~300 cubic meters).


Rüppell is painted with special paint, which rejects dirt and dust better than normal paint. The special paint is also noticeably more resistant to dents and scratches.


Warranty and Terms of Use

We give one (1) year warranty for this product. Warranty time starts from purchase. We use the Finnish warranty clause. Failured parts with material failure or manufacturing defects will be replaced in warranty time. Compensation takes place at our option, repairing or exchanging the faulty parts or replacing the whole device into a new one. The warranty is valid all over the world, provided that the device is sold in country behalf of Mend Electronics Finland Ltd. or by the official importer.

This Guarantee shall not apply to the following failures: failures resulting from improper use, normal wear and tear or defects that do not significantly effect the value or usability of device. The guarantee will expire if the device is repaired by other than an authorized service center, or if the device is used with non-original spare parts.

The warranty does not cover the cost of deliveries or returns of the product. Sales receipt must be provided to confirm validity of the warranty.

When the device has become to the end of its lifespan, save the environment and do not dispose of it with household waste. Dispose the product by taking it to a service shop or to your dealer.

The manufacturer is not responsible for possible ozone-induced damage to the materials.