Why to ozonate?

Ozonation is one of the best ways to remove odors, bacteria and mold spores. Ozone is very gentle on surfaces and even with larger ozone levels. Repetitions do not spoil the materials. The device does not use to use any chemical substances.

Is ozonating dangerous?

No it is not. The device includes comprehensive instructions on how to use the Rüppell ozonator. Rüppell has passed the necessary electrical safety testings and also the ozone concentration of the device has been measured by the ozone measurement equipment. If you follow the instructions, there is no danger to users or outsiders when using the device.

Rüppell is currently being used by various companies and also by private individuals. Rüppell has also been tested in many different locations for example apartments, cottages, cars, containers, fitted wardrobes, antique shops, cellars, etc… There has not been any harms to the materials or to the people.

How Rüppell ozonator works?

Rüppell’s operation is based on high-voltage corona discharge. The device has ceramic plates that are fed with a high voltage that generates so-called corona discharge. The coronary discharge breaks down the oxygen molecule to form two free oxygen atoms. These individual atoms stick to the oxygen molecules naturally forming ozone of the three oxygen molecules. These ozone molecules sticks to the surfaces oxidizing molecules and organisms.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a normal gas in our atmosphere which is constantly present in our climate. Ozone is a molecule with three oxygen atoms. The power of ozonation is based on the fact that the ozone molecule easily releases one oxygen atom and in this case ozone acts as an oxidant.

The amount of ozone produced by Rüppell is not dangerous for people. However ozone gas is highly irritating and could affect mucous membranes and respiratory organs.

Ozone in atmosphere

Artificial ozone production should not be confused with the Earth’s ozone layer and various environmental impacts. Only one flash of lightning produces one million times more ozone than Rüppell.

Odors starts to smell again…

If smells are constantly returning to the premises, then you have to think what is the original source of smells. Ozoning does not remove the original source of odor.

Use and safety

Ozonation page has more detail about how Rüppell is used. The page also contains instructions of usage.