From idea to company

The Rüppell ozonator is manufactured by Mend Electronics Finland Ltd, located in Finland. Mend Electronics was established as a manufacturer and distributor of Rüppell in 2016.

Our story

The story of Rüppell started in 2014 when our friends boat was moldy after winter. He cleaned surfaces three times inside, but the boat still smelled mold. However, thanks to various detergents, also to lemon:).

One of our technician in our development team suggested that the boat should be ozonated. He did not want to buy an ozonator but he ordered the needed components and in three weeks our first prototype ozonator was created in the old computer case. The ozonator was taken to the boat and given two hours to the effect inside and for surprise to our friend all smells were gone. Only the fresh scent of ozone left behind, which disappeared from the boat after a couple of days.

Näimme otsonoinnissa ison potentiaalin moniin eri haju-, bakteeri- ja homeongelmiin, joten päätimme kehittää kaupallisen version otsonaattorista. Tuotteen nimeksi tuli pitkän pohdinnan jälkeen Rüppell. Rüppell-nimi viittaa suomukorppikotkaan, joka lentää korkealla yli kymmenen kilometrin korkeudessa – lähellä maapallon omaa otsonikehää.

We saw big potential about odor, bacteria and mold problems with ozonation. So we decided to design commercial version of ozonator. After lond discussions we named our ozonator to Rüppell. The Rüppell name also refers to an eagle who flies high near the ozone layer.