RÜPPELL ozonator

  • Safe and user-friendly ozonating with patented technology
  • Removes odors & freshens
  • Kills bacteria & mold spores
  • Use everywhere

Rüppell ozonator can efficiently remove unpleasant smells and bacteria from the premises without any chemicals.

Even less than an hour of ozonation the smells can be get rid of.

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Rüppell can be used in small spaces up to 120 square meters. From individual sportswear and shoes to large homes.

Larger spaces, however, do not prevent Rüppell from being used because ozonization can always be repeated multiple times in a different locations.

How to use

car upholstery – taxis – buses – boats – houses – hotel rooms – tobacco smoke – furniture – general vehicles – trains – trams – ship cabins – refrigerators – bathrooms – fitted wardrobes – old furniture – sportswear – hockey equipment – motorcycle accessories – shoes  – saunas – bathrooms – locker rooms – storage compartments – sanitary facilities…

Patented technology


Patent pending

High Yield

V-Flow Max


Anti-Dust Surface